Portfolio/website assignments

  1. Week 1: blog post in response to your favorite Growth Mindset Cat (look in the sidebar)
  2. Week 2: blog post with a reflection on the “Tribute of Yu”
  3. Week 3: Oracle Bones OR Classic of Mountains and Seas introduction
  4. Week 4: Correlative Cosmology creative writing exercise, or Survival guide for time travellers
  5. Week 4: Reflection on your learning in the course so far
  6. Week 5: Biography summary of a story in “Doctors, Diviners, Magicians”
  7. Week 6: Build a tomb for a present-day celebrity
  8. Week 10: Reflection on the upheaval of going into remote learning
  9. Week 11: Reflection on the course materials from week 10 (Foxes)
  10. Week 12: Reflection on the course materials from week 11 (Mountains)
        • Instructions can be found under Monday, on the Week 12 page
  11. Week 15: Final Reflection on “What did you learn about Chinese history”, OR “Why did you earn the DE GAR”
  12. Final project: ideally you have all the bites completed to help you before tackling the full written chapter in Pressbooks, but if you have some steps missing that’s ok.